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Indeterminate state

The Indeterminate state of the ProgressBar can be used in cases when the estimated time of completion of the task is unknown or the progress can not be represented as a physical value. The ProgressBar is filled with flowing motion animation to showcase that the task is running.

Telerik ProgressBar in Indeterminate state

progress bar in indeterminate state

To put the ProgressBar in Indeterminate state set the Indeterminate, boolean parameter to true.

Put the ProgressBar in Indeterminate State

    <TelerikButton ThemeColor="primary" OnClick="(_ => isIndeterminate = true)">Put the ProgressBar in Indeterminate State</TelerikButton>

<br />

<TelerikProgressBar Indeterminate="@isIndeterminate" Value="10" Max="100" />

@code {
    public bool isIndeterminate { get; set; } = false;

put the progress bar in indeterminate state example

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