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PdfViewer Toolbar

The Blazor PDF Viewer toolbar can render built-in and custom tools. This article describes the built-in tools and shows how to add custom tools or customize the toolbar.

Built-in Tools

By default, the Blazor PDF Viewer displays all its built-in tools in the order below. Use the tool tag if you need to define a tool explicitly in a custom toolbar configuration.

Tool Name Tool Tag Description
Pager PdfViewerToolBarPagerTool A pager to navigate the PDF document via automatic scrolling. Paging requires the Height parameter to be set, otherwise the component expands and doesn't have its own scrollbar.
Zoom PdfViewerToolBarZoomTool Zoom in and zoom out buttons with an additional dropdown with common options (Fit to page, Fit to width, 100%, etc.)
Selection PdfViewerToolBarSelectionTool Two toggle buttons that enable either text selection or panning.
Search PdfViewerToolBarSearchTool A search button. It opens an additional search bar that contains a textbox and arrow buttons to navigate the search results.
Open PdfViewerToolBarOpenTool An open button. It fires the OnOpen event.
Download PdfViewerToolBarDownloadTool A download button. It fires the OnDownload event.
Print PdfViewerToolBarPrintTool A print button. The component also provides a Print method. Printing uses an additional browser window with only the PDF document inside. This window may require user confirmation or appropriate browser settings to display.

By default, the toolbar also includes separators (<PdfViewerToolBarSeparator />) and spacers (<PdfViewerToolBarSpacer />). Separators render as a vertical line. Spacers consume the available empty space and push the rest of the tools next to one another.

Custom Tools

In addition to built-in tools, the PDF Viewer also supports custom tools. Use the <PdfViewerToolBarCustomTool> tag, which is a standard Blazor RenderFragment. See the example below.

Toolbar Configuration

Add a <PdfViewerToolBar> tag inside <TelerikPdfViewer> to configure a custom toolbar, for example:

  • Arrange the PDF Viewer tools in a specific order;
  • Remove some of the built-in tools;
  • Add custom tools.

Customize the PDF Viewer toolbar

<TelerikPdfViewer Data="@PdfSource">
            <TelerikButton OnClick="@OnPdfCustomClick">Custom PDF Tool</TelerikButton>

        <PdfViewerToolBarSeparator />

        <PdfViewerToolBarOpenTool />
        <PdfViewerToolBarDownloadTool />
        <PdfViewerToolBarPrintTool />

        <PdfViewerToolBarSpacer />

        <PdfViewerToolBarPagerTool />

        <PdfViewerToolBarSpacer />

        <PdfViewerToolBarZoomTool />
        <PdfViewerToolBarSelectionTool />
        <PdfViewerToolBarSearchTool />

@code {
    private byte[] PdfSource { get; set; }

    private async Task OnPdfCustomClick()
        Console.WriteLine("Custom PDF tool clicked");

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