MediaQuery Overview

The MediaQuery component for Blazor allows you to react when the user changes the size of the browser.

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Creating Blazor MediaQuery

To use the TelerikMediaQuery on your page:

  1. Add the <TelerikMediaQuery> tag to your razor page.
  2. Set the Media parameter to a CSS media query to be matched. Use one component instance for each media query.
  3. Use the OnChange event to determine when the Media is matched.
@* Resize a container based on the browser size *@

<TelerikMediaQuery Media="@SmallScreenMediaQuery" OnChange="@((doesMatch) => IsSmallScreen = doesMatch)"></TelerikMediaQuery>
<TelerikMediaQuery Media="@LargeScreenMediaQuery" OnChange="@((doesMatch) => isLarge = doesMatch)"></TelerikMediaQuery>

<div style="width:@GetContainerWidth(); height: 400px; border: 1px solid black">
    Shrink the browser to resize the container.

@code {
    private bool IsSmallScreen { get; set; }
    private bool isLarge { get; set; }

    private string SmallScreenMediaQuery { get; set; } = "(max-width: 767px)";
    private string LargeScreenMediaQuery { get; set; } = "(min-width: 1199px)";

    private string GetContainerWidth()
        string width = "900px";

        if (IsSmallScreen)
            width = "500px";
        if (isLarge)
            width = "100%";

        return width;

MediaQuery Parameters

Parameter Type and Default value Description
Media string the media query string that will be matched.


The MediaQuery component facilitates the usage of CSS media queries in your C# code. There are a few points to keep in mind:

  • The MediaQuery component is not a replacement for responsive design, layout and CSS. You should use them to create your responsive application layouts like with any other web application.

  • The MediaQuery component makes it easy to use C# logic based on the breakpoint that matches - such as changing parameter values, replacing a component with a different component or even not rendering a part of the layout (with CSS alone you can resize parts of the app or hide them visually, but they still render).

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