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Blazor Radial Gauge Overview

The Telerik Radial Gauge for Blazor represents numerical values on a scale of ranges in a radial format.

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To add a Telerik Radial Gauge for Blazor to your application:

  1. Add the <TelerikRadialGauge> tag.

  2. Add one or more instances of the <RadialGaugePointer> to the <RadialGaugePointers> collection.

  3. Provide a Value for each <RadialGaugePointer>.

Basic Telerik Radial Gauge for Blazor.

Basic Radial Gauge

@* Setup a basic radial gauge *@

        <RadialGaugePointer Value="20">            


The Telerik Radial Gauge for Blazor exposes the following features:

Radial Gauge Size

  • Width - string - controls the width of the component. You can read more on how they work in the Dimensions article.

  • Height - string - controls the height of the component. You can read more on how they work in the Dimensions article.

You can also set the Gauge size in percentage values so it occupies its container when it renderes. If the parent container size changes, you must call the gauge's Refresh() C# method after the DOM has been redrawn and the new container dimensions are rendered.

Other Features

  • Class - renders a custom CSS class on the topmost wrapping element of the component. You can use that class to reposition the component on the page.

  • Scale - The scale of the radial gauge renders the values of the pointers, different ranges and labels.

  • Ranges - The ranges are used to visually distinguish particular values on the scale.

  • Labels - The labels are rendered on the scale of the component to give information to the users.

  • Pointers - The pointers indicate the values on the scale of the component.


The Radial Gauge reference exposes the Refresh method which allows you to programatically re-render the component.

Get a component reference and use the Refresh method

@* Change the Height of the component *@

<TelerikButton OnClick="@ChangeHeight">Change the height</TelerikButton>

<TelerikRadialGauge @ref="@RadialGaugeRef" Height="@Height">
        <RadialGaugePointer Value="20">

    Telerik.Blazor.Components.TelerikRadialGauge RadialGaugeRef { get; set; }

    public string Height { get; set; } = "200px";

    async Task ChangeHeight()
        Height = "400px";

        //give time to the framework and browser to resize the actual DOM so the gauge can use the expected size
        await Task.Delay(30);


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