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FileManager Toolbar

The Toolbar of the FileManager provides the following built-in commands:

New Folder

The New Folder button allows creating of a new folder in the current location. Read how to handle the creation in the FileManager - Events.


The Upload button allows updloading of new files. Clicking the button will open a dialog with integrated Upload component. Read more in the FileManager - Upload article.


FileManager allows sorting of the files in the current location. The sorting direction (ascending or descending) is controlled through dedicated buttons in the Toolbar. The SortBy dropdown provides option to select the desired sort member to sort by. Read more in the FileManager - Sort article.


The Views button group allows you to control how the content of the selected directory will be visualized. The users can choose between two options. Read more in the FileManager - Views article.

View Details

The View Details toggles the visibility of the Preview Pane. By default is is Off and you can enable it to see the selected file details.

The FileManager allows searching files in the current location via a Searchbar in the Toolbar. Read more in the FileManager - Search article.

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