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Pre-Selecting Item

This article provides an example that demonstrates how to pre-select an item for the end-user when the component initializes. The described approach allows you to pre-select an item only if it exists in the data source.

Pre-select item for the user

@* Pre-select an item. *@

Selected value: @selectedValue
<br />

<TelerikDropDownList Data="@myDdlData" TextField="MyTextField" ValueField="MyValueField" @bind-Value="selectedValue">

@code {

    int selectedValue { get; set; }

    //Define a preselected value when the component initializes.
    //DefaultText will not be shown as the selected value is defined.
    protected override void OnInitialized()
        selectedValue = 3;

    //in a real case, the model is usually in a separate file
    //the model type and value field type must be provided to the dropdpownlist
    public class MyDdlModel
        public int MyValueField { get; set; }
        public string MyTextField { get; set; }

    IEnumerable<MyDdlModel> myDdlData = Enumerable.Range(1, 20).Select(x => new MyDdlModel { MyTextField = "item " + x, MyValueField = x });
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