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The Date Picker for Blazor can increment or decrement the values for each segment of the date with a different step when the Up or Down arrows are pressed.

To set the steps for the date input, use its nested <DatePickerSteps> tag and its parameters:

  • Year - every n-th year will be incremented from the keyboard.
  • Month - every n-th month will be incremented from the keyboard.
  • Day - every n-th day will be incremented from the keyboard.

All values default to 1 to provide every possible option. If you set a value larger than the available options in the time portion (such as Minute=70) the component will increment the date with the designated value (1 hour and 10 minutes in this example).

Change the steps (intervals) in the date picker

@selectedDate.ToString("yyyy MMM dd")

<TelerikDatePicker Format="yyyy MMM dd" @bind-Value="@selectedDate" Width="250px">
    <DatePickerSteps Year="10" Month="6" Day="3" />

@code {
    private DateTime selectedDate { get; set; } = DateTime.Now;

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