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Header Template

The <HeaderTemplate> allows you to customize the header of the calendar popup. If the application defines this template, the component will not render any of the built-in buttons and labels in the calendar header area.

The example below is using a DatePicker reference and methods.

Header template with custom content in the DatePicker Calendar header

<TelerikDatePicker @bind-Value="@PickerValue" @ref="Picker">

            <TelerikButton OnClick="@GoToPrevious" Icon="@SvgIcon.ArrowLeft" Title="Go to Previous Month"></TelerikButton>
            <TelerikButton OnClick="@SelectToday">Today</TelerikButton>
            <TelerikButton OnClick="@GoToNext" Icon="@SvgIcon.ArrowRight" Title="Go to Next Month"></TelerikButton>
        <span style="padding-right: .6em;">
            <TelerikSvgIcon Icon="@SvgIcon.ParameterDateTime" /> @ViewDate.Month / @ViewDate.Year

@code {
    TelerikDatePicker<DateTime> Picker { get; set; }
    DateTime PickerValue { get; set; } = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-2);
    DateTime ViewDate { get; set; } = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-2);

    void GoToPrevious()
        ViewDate = ViewDate.AddMonths(-1);
        Picker.NavigateTo(ViewDate, CalendarView.Month);

    void SelectToday()
        PickerValue = DateTime.Today;

    void GoToNext()
        ViewDate = ViewDate.AddMonths(1);
        Picker.NavigateTo(ViewDate, CalendarView.Month);
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