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This article describes the Blazor ChipList events and provides a runnable example with sample event handler implementations.


The OnRemove event fires when the user clicks the remove icon on any chip in the ChipList. The event handler receives a ChipListRemoveEventArgs object which provides the removed chip in the Item field that you can cast to your model type. You can cancel the event by setting the IsCancelled field to true.


The SelectedItemsChanged fires when the user selects a chip from the ChipList. Read the Selection article for more information on the SelectedItemsChanged event...


Handle the Blazor ChipList Events

<TelerikChipList Data="@ChipListSource"
                 SelectedItemsChanged="@( (IEnumerable<ChipModel> selectedItems) => OnChipListSelectedItemsChanged(selectedItems) )"

@code {
    private IEnumerable<ChipModel> ChipListSelectedItems { get; set; } = new List<ChipModel>();

    private void OnChipListSelectedItemsChanged(IEnumerable<ChipModel> items)
        ChipListSelectedItems = items;

    private void OnChipRemove(ChipListRemoveEventArgs args)
        ChipModel removedChip = args.Item as ChipModel;

        args.IsCancelled = false; //set this to true to cancel the removal of the chip

    private List<ChipModel> ChipListSource { get; set; } = new List<ChipModel>()
        new ChipModel()
            ChipText = "Audio",
            ChipIcon = SvgIcon.FileAudio,
            isChipRemovable = true
        new ChipModel()
            ChipText = "Video",
            ChipIcon = SvgIcon.FileVideo,
            isChipRemovable = true

    public class ChipModel
        public string ChipText { get; set; }
        public ISvgIcon ChipIcon { get; set; }
        public bool isChipRemovable { get; set; }

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