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Decade Cell Template

The Decade Cell Template controls what the calendar will render in the <td> element for each year in the Decade view that lists the years.

The template receives the DateTime corresponding to its cell.

Mark some years on the calendar decade view

calendar decade cell template

@* This example adds an icon for certain years *@

<TelerikCalendar @bind-Date="@startDate" @bind-View="@theView">
        @if (yearsWithEvents.Contains(context.Year))
            <TelerikSvgIcon Icon="@SvgIcon.ExclamationCircle"></TelerikSvgIcon>

    DateTime startDate { get; set; } = new DateTime(2021, 4, 1);

    CalendarView theView { get; set; } = CalendarView.Decade;
    List<int> yearsWithEvents { get; set; } = new List<int>() { 2020, 2021 };

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