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Button Type

The Button renders a <button type="submit"> element by default, as this is the default behavior of a button. This article explains how to change it.

You can control the type attribute through the ButtonType property of the component which can accept the following values:

  • Submit - Renders a type="submit" attribute. Can submit the form and trigger validation. The default value.
  • Button - Renders a type="button" attribute. Does not invoke form validation and submission.
  • Reset - Renders a type="reset" attribute. Can reset the current form.
<TelerikButton>Implicit SUBMIT</TelerikButton>
<TelerikButton ButtonType="@ButtonType.Submit">Explicit SUBMIT</TelerikButton>
<TelerikButton ButtonType="@ButtonType.Button">BUTTON</TelerikButton>
<TelerikButton ButtonType="@ButtonType.Reset">RESET</TelerikButton>

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