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Breadcrumb Events

This article explains the events available in the Telerik Breadcrumb for Blazor:


The OnItemClick event fires when the user clicks or taps on a Breadcrumb item and before any navigation occurs. It receives object of type BreadcrumbItemClickEventArgs which exposes the following fields:

  • Item - an object you can cast to your model class to obtain the clicked data item.
  • IsCancelled - specifies whether the event is canceled and the built-in action is prevented.

The event will not fire for the last item and for disabled items.

You can use the OnItemClick event to react to user choices in a Breadcrumb, and load new content without using navigation.

Handle OnItemClick event of the Breadcrumb

@* Handle the OnItemClick event of the Breadcrumb and cancel it for Item 3*@


<TelerikBreadcrumb OnItemClick="@ClickHandler"
                   Data="@Items" >

@code {
    string logger;

    void ClickHandler(BreadcrumbItemClickEventArgs args)
        var ClickedItem = args.Item as BreadcrumbItem;

        logger = $"User clicked {ClickedItem.Text}";

        if (ClickedItem.Text == "Item 3")
            args.IsCancelled = true;
            logger = $"OnItemClick is cancelled for {ClickedItem.Text}";

    public IEnumerable<BreadcrumbItem> Items { get; set; }

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        Items = new List<BreadcrumbItem>
            new BreadcrumbItem { Text = "Item 1" },
            new BreadcrumbItem { Text = "Item 2" },
            new BreadcrumbItem { Text = "Item 3" },
            new BreadcrumbItem { Text = "Item 4" },

    public class BreadcrumbItem
        public string Text { get; set; }

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