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Avatar Types

The Type parameter of the Avatar for Blazor defines what kind of content will render inside the component. The parameter allows the Avatar to adjust its styling to its content.

The Avatar serves as a wrapper - you should declare the desired content as ChildContent inside the <TelerikAvatar> tag and specify the Type based on the content type.

The Type parameter accepts a member of the AvatarType enum:

  • Image - default value
  • Text
  • Icon

If the Type parameter value is not matching the type of the content, you will not get the optimal appearance of the component. For example, using AvatarType.Image when you render text in the component will result in misaligned text.

We recommend setting the correct Type to the Avatar depending on the content you want to display inside it. The Avatar will apply different styles to the content based on the specified Type.

Different types of Avatar content

@*Avatar types*@

<TelerikAvatar Type="AvatarType.Image">

    <img src="" />


<TelerikAvatar Type="AvatarType.Text">

<TelerikAvatar Type="AvatarType.Icon">

    <TelerikSvgIcon Icon="@SvgIcon.User"></TelerikSvgIcon>


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