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Filter Operators

The FilterOperator enum contains all filter operators supported in the Telerik UI for Blazor suite.

Each filter operator is compatible with a specific data type. Always use the correct filter operator during filter customizations. Otherwise, an exception will occur about the assigned DefaultFilterOperator not applicable for the current data type.

ArgumentException: The assigned DefaultFilterOperator ... for the Start column is not applicable for ... type.

Below you can find a complete list of the supported filter operators under the corresponding data type.

String Numeric Bool Enum Date
IsEqualTo IsLessThan IsEqualTo IsEqualTo IsEqualTo
IsNotEqualTo IsLessThanOrEqualTo IsNotEqualTo IsNotEqualTo
StartsWith IsEqualTo IsNull IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo
Contains IsNotEqualTo IsNotNull IsGreaterThan
DoesNotContain IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo IsLessThanOrEqualTo
EndsWith IsGreaterThan IsLessThan
IsNull IsNull IsNull
IsNotNull IsNotNull IsNotNull
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