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Telerik UI Design Kits for Figma (ASP.NET MVC)

The Design Files for Figma are building blocks for designers that match the Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC components.

Download Telerik UI Kits

We’ve created three distinct Telerik UI kits for Figma for each of the most popular themes shipped with UI for ASP.NET MVC library, thus aiming to facilitate efficient collaboration between designers and developers in their efforts for creating and implementing the perfect project design.

The Telerik UI Design Kits offer pre-built design components that can be reused as is, customized and are created according to the atomic design principles. They allow perfect delivery of design to the developer by providing more than 90 of the ASP.NET MVC components.

Advantages of the Telerik UI Design Kits for Figma

You can easily match the ASP.NET MVC UI components to your design requirements with the available information on the type of components, their states and connection, Furthermore, you can effortlessly convert templates into a shared Figma library.

Downloading the Telerik UI Design Kits for Figma

You can download the Telerik Kits for Figma by following the links provided below. Instructions on how to duplicate a file are available in the Figma Community.

Exploring the Telerik UI Kits' Structure

The Telerik Kits for Figma come with support for component variants and options for component management — utilization of nested instances and base components.

Each kit includes a Cover page, information on how to start using the UI kits (Getting Started page), Styles, Icons, Components & Variants, Change Log, Scenarios page. The Styles and Icons pages display all the available customizations for the components. You can find structural components (building blocks) for base components above the corresponding frames on the Components page. Different use case scenarios are available in the Scenarios page. You can also view the release history of kit changes in the Change Log page.

Kendo UI Kit Pages

You can find different grouping frames for the available design assets.

Kendo UI Kit Page with Multiple Frames

Customizing a Telerik UI Design Kit

The Telerik Figma Kit can be completely customized to match your requirements, vision and needs. It allows you to tailor the base components, typography, effects, and colors on the Styles page.

Modifying a single component variant will change only the individual variants.

You can apply changes to a single component variant which will affect only the individual variants on the Components page.

The modified template can be published as a library once the desired customization is achieved.

Choosing How to Use the UI Kits

You can apply three different levels of component customization, depending on your requirements:

The Telerik UI Figma Kits allow you to customize the available components on three different levels – create your own application design by selecting one of the available kits, apply colors according to your brand guidelines with the Theme Builder application, and change the look and feel of the component entirely with the unique design system. Contact our solution experts if you need help with building your unique design system.

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