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The Gantt allows you to assign resources to tasks. A resource is optional metadata that can be associated with a Gantt task.

The resources are set through the Resources configuration method.


An assignment is a one-to-one mapping between a Gantt task and a Gantt resource containing the number of units for which a resource is assigned to a task.

The assignments are set through the Assignments configuration method.

The following example demonstrates how to set resources in the Gantt and how to map them to tasks by setting assignments.

    @(Html.Kendo().Gantt<TaskViewModel, DependencyViewModel>()
        .Columns(columns =>
            columns.Bound(c => c.Title).Editable(true).Sortable(true);
            columns.Resources("resources").Editable(true).Title("Assigned Resources");
        .Views(views =>
            views.MonthView(monthView => monthView.Selected(true));
        .DataSource(d => d
            .Model(m =>
                m.Id(f => f.TaskID);
                m.ParentId(f => f.ParentID);
                m.Field(f => f.Expanded).DefaultValue(true);
            .Read("ReadTasks", "Gantt")
            .Destroy("DestroyTask", "Gantt")
            .Update(update => update.Action("UpdateTask", "Gantt").Data("onUpdateCreate"))
            .Create(create => create.Action("CreateTask", "Gantt").Data("onUpdateCreate"))
        .DependenciesDataSource(d => d
            .Model(m =>
                m.Id(f => f.DependencyID);
                m.PredecessorId(f => f.PredecessorID);
                m.SuccessorId(f => f.SuccessorID);
            .Read("ReadDependencies", "Gantt")
            .Create("CreateDependency", "Gantt")
            .Destroy("DestroyDependency", "Gantt")
        .Resources(r => r
            .DataSource(d => d
                .Schema(s => s
                    .Model(m => m.Id("ID"))
                .Transport(t =>
                    t.Read("ReadResources", "Gantt");
        .Assignments<ResourceAssignmentViewModel>(a => a
            .DataSource(d => d
                .Model(m =>
                    m.Id(f => f.ID);
                .Read("ReadAssignments", "Gantt")
                .Create("CreateAssignment", "Gantt")
                .Destroy("DestroyAssignment", "Gantt")
                .Update("UpdateAssignment", "Gantt")

        // Send the dates for the newly creted/updated tasks as UTC strings
        function onUpdateCreate(e) {
            e.End = e.End.toISOString();
            e.Start = e.Start.toISOString();

For a complete example on using resources in the Gantt, refer to the Resources demo.

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