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You can subscribe to all Stepper events and then use them to further customize the behavior of the Stepper.

The example below demonstrates how to use the Click event that the Stepper triggers when the user clicks on a tool.

    @using Kendo.Mvc.UI

        .Steps(s =>
            s.Add().Label("First step");
            s.Add().Label("Second step");
            s.Add().Label("Third step");
            s.Add().Label("Fourth step");
            s.Add().Label("Fifth step");
        .Events(events => events.Activate("onActivate").Select("onSelect"))

    function onActivate(e) {
        kendoConsole.log("Activated: " + e.step.options.label);

    function onSelect(e) {
        kendoConsole.log("Selected: " + e.step.options.label);

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