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Multiple Sources

To add multiple sources for the same video, you have to configure the quality-dependent client-side HD feature.

When you add multiple sources for the video, an HD button is automatically displayed in the bottom right corner next to the FullScreen button. This behavior enables you to select your preferred quality.

  • To implement your own playlist structures, refer to the client-side implementation of creating playlists.
  • To prevent the seeking forward and allow players to watch only the currently loaded content, use the client-side ForwardSeek() method.

        .Media(m => m
            .Title("Our Company Culture - Lesson 1")
            .Source(new[] { // define the media files for different quality options
                new { quality = "480p", url = "Video/videoLQ.mp4" },
                new { quality = "720p", url = "Video/videoHD.mp4" },
                new { quality = "1080p", url = "Video/videoFHD.mp4" },
        .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "height:360px; width:640px" })

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