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Grouping Overview

The DropDownList enables you to bind it to a grouped data source.

To group the data, define a group datasource expression which uses a custom DataSource configuration, and specify the field by which the DropDownList will be grouped. For a runnable example, refer to the demo on grouping in the DropDownList.

The data source sorts the grouped data either in ascending or descending order. To persist a specific group order, use the server grouping feature. To define the serverGrouping option, use the ServerGrouping method of the DataSource.

The following example demonstrates how to group the data in the DropDownList by country.

        .DataSource(source =>  source
            .Group(g => g.Add("Country", typeof(string)))
            .Transport(transport => transport
                .Read(read =>
                    read.Action("Grouping_GetCustomers", "DropDownList");

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