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Selected Dates

The DateRangePicker allows you to define the minimum and maximum dates it displays and also render a pre-selected date range.

For a complete example on how to select ranges by using the DateRangePicker, refer to the demo on range selection.

The following example demonstrates how to render a DateRangePicker with an initially selected range and defined min and max dates.

        .Name("daterangepicker") // The name of the DateRangePicker is mandatory. It specifies the "id" attribute of the widget.
        .Min(new DateTime(2019, 9, 4)) // Sets the min date of the DateRangePicker.
        .Max(new DateTime(2099, 12, 31)) // Sets the min date of the DateRangePicker.
        .Range(r => r.Start(DateTime.Now).End(DateTime.Now.AddDays(10))) // Sets the range of the DateRangePicker.

You can access the selected start and end range using the .range() method as demonstrated here:

DateRangePicker range() method

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