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By default, the toolbar of the TaskBoard displays the addColumn and the search tools. Default tools can be excluded, or custom tools can be added through the Toolbar configuration.

Custom Tools

The Toolbar Items configuration allows you to set the desired tools that will be rendered in the toolbar of the TaskBoard.

The following example demonstrates how to add a custom tool to the toolbar.

        .Toolbar(t => t.Items(items =>
            items.Add().Type("button").Command("AddColumnCommand").Name("addColumn").Icon("plus-circle"); //customize a default command
            items.Add().Type("button").Command("CustomAddCardCommand").Name("addCard").Text("Add New Card").Icon("plus"); //define a custom command
            items.Add().Name("search").Icon("eye"); // add the Search tool and customize the icon
         .Messages(messages => messages
            .Search("Find Tasks") //customize the Search tool placeholder
            .AddColumn("New Column")) // customize the text of the default AddColumn command
        .Columns(c =>
            c.Add().Text("In Progress").Status("inProgress");
        kendo.ui.taskboard.commands["CustomAddCardCommand"] = kendo.ui.taskboard.Command.extend({
            exec: function () {
                var taskboard = this.taskboard;
                var options = this.options;
                taskboard.addCard({ Status: "todo", Title: "Add Title", Description: "Add Description", Color: "green" });

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