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Adding Image Previews before Uploading Files in the Upload


Product Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Upload
Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core version Created with the 2022.2.802 version


How can I add an image preview that appears before the user uploads a file when working with the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Upload?


  1. Create a function that executes the logic for adding an image preview upon selecting a file.
  2. To handle the file selection, subscribe to the Select event.
  3. Within the handler, call the previously created function for each file entry and pass the Upload's wrapper.
        .Events(e => e.Select("onSelect"))
        .Async(a => a
            .Save("Async_Save", "Upload")
            .Remove("Async_Remove", "Upload")
    function onSelect(e){
      var wrapper = this.wrapper;
      e.files.forEach(file => { // Loop through each file entry.
           setTimeout(function () {
               addPreview(file, wrapper); // Call the function for adding an image preview and pass both the file object and wrapper.

    function addPreview(file, wrapper) {
        var raw = file.rawFile; // Get the raw file information.
        var reader = new FileReader(); // Create a new FileReader instance.

        if (raw) {
          reader.onloadend = function () { // Ensure that the file is loaded.
            var preview = $("<img class='image-preview'>").attr("src", this.result); // Create an image element.

            wrapper.find(".k-file[data-uid='" + file.uid + "'] .k-file-group-wrapper")
              .replaceWith(preview); // Replace the HTML markup of the current file with the newly created image.

          reader.readAsDataURL(raw); // Read the content of the file.

For the complete implementation of the suggested approach, refer to the following Telerik REPL example.

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