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If I would like to submit selected data then how I can pass selected data to the controller action method? Essentially, how to get the values in the multiselect on a submit postback to my controller.


The Kendo MultiSelect widget is a <select multiple> element in the DOM and so it will POST a list of fields with the values of the selected options. The controller must be prepared to take such input.

POST data example


There are different ways to pass data to a controller in MVC and here are a few:

  • Use a form and a submit button in it like you would with a simple <select multiple> element. This works best if the html helper you use is an editor for a model field (for example,, MultiSelectFor(model => model.TheField) which will let you use the MVC model binding to post the entire model from the form. Here are two samples:
  • Create your own request where you can read the value of the multiselect and pass it as a generic string (you can get it from its value() method). An example of obtaining that is also available in the samples above.
  • Use an AJAX form with some additional scripts which basically goes through the inputs on the page and serializes them: This is quite similar to the idea above, although you may need to test how these scripts behave with a <select multiple> element).
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