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Submit MultiSelect Data to Controller POST


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How can I submit selected data, pass that selected data to the controller action method, and get the values of the MultiSelect on a submit post-back to my controller?


The MultiSelect is a <select multiple> element in the DOM. Therefore, it will POST a list of fields with the values of the selected options. The controller has to expect such an input.

UI for ASP.NET Core MultiSelect POST data example

To pass data to a controller in ASP.NET Core, use any of the following approaches:

  • Use a form and a Submit button in the MultiSelect in the same way with a <select multiple> element. The suggested approach works best if the HtmlHelper you use is an editor for a model field—for example, MultiSelectFor(model => model.TheField), which will let you use the model binding to post the entire model from the form. For more information, refer to this example.
  • Create your own request where you can read the value of the MultiSelect and pass it as a generic string—you can get it from its value() method. An example of the suggested approach is available in the links from the previous approach.
  • Use an AJAX form with additional scripts which basically goes through the inputs on the page and serializes them—for example, The suggested approach is similar to the previous idea although you may need to test how these scripts behave with a <select multiple> element.

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