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SplitButton ToolBar Command Type

The SplitButton is a composite control, which has a primary (main) button, and alternative options that are displayed in a drop-down list, which is bound to a secondary button.

In the command overflow popup, the SplitButton is rendered as a flat list of commands. The first one is the primary (main) button, followed by the drop-down items in the order they are defined.

The following example demonstrates how to define a SplitButton in the ToolBar component.

        .Items(items =>
                .MenuButtons(menuButtons =>
                    menuButtons.Add().Id("option1").Text("Option 1");
                    menuButtons.Add().Id("option2").Text("Option 2");
                    menuButtons.Add().Id("option3").Text("Option 3");
                    menuButtons.Add().Id("option4").Text("Option 4");
                    menuButtons.Add().Id("option5").Text("Option 5");
    <kendo-toolbar name="ToolBar">
            <item type="CommandType.SplitButton" text="SplitButton" icon="folder-add">
                    <toolbar-button id="option1" text="Option 1"></toolbar-button>
                    <toolbar-button id="option2" text="Option 2"></toolbar-button>
                    <toolbar-button id="option3" text="Option 3"></toolbar-button>
                    <toolbar-button id="option4" text="Option 4"></toolbar-button>
                    <toolbar-button id="option5" text="Option 5"></toolbar-button>

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