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The Telerik BottomNavigation HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core allows you to alter the appearance of the component by setting its ItemFlow, ThemeColor, Border, Shadow and Fill options.

The example below demonstrates how to modify the appearance by using the above settings:

        .ItemFlow( BottomNavigationItemFlow.Horizontal)
        .Fill( BottomNavigationFill.Solid)
        .ThemeColor( BottomNavigationThemeColor.Dark)
        .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "bottom:0;" })
        .Items(i =>
            i.Add().Text("Home").Data(new { view = "home" }).Icon("home").Selected(true);
            i.Add().Text("Calendar").Data(new { view = "calendar" }).Icon("calendar-date");
            i.Add().Text("Profile").Data(new { view = "profile" }).Icon("user");

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