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The ActionSheet items are set of options that users can choose from.

The Items configuration allows you to set specific attributes of the ActionSheet items. You can set their:

  • Text
  • Icon
  • Group (items can be segregated in two groups - top and bottom)
  • Description
  • Click event handler name

The following example demonstrates the possible options for the Items configuration of the ActionSheet component.

        .Title("Select item")
        .Items(items =>
            items.Add().Text("Edit Item").IconClass("k-icon k-i-edit").Description("Select to enter edit mode.").Click("onClick");
            items.Add().Text("Add to Favorites").IconClass("k-icon k-i-heart").Click("onClick");
            items.Add().Text("Upload New").IconClass("k-icon k-i-upload").Click("onClick");
            items.Add().Text("Cancel").IconClass("k-icon k-i-cancel").Group("bottom").Click("onClick");
    <kendo-actionsheet name="actionsheet" title="Select item">
            <item text="Edit Item" icon-class="k-icon k-i-edit" description="Select to enter edit mode." click="onClick" />
            <item text="Add to Favorites" icon-class="k-icon k-i-heart" click="onClick" />
            <item text="Upload New" icon-class="k-icon k-i-upload" click="onClick" />
            <item text="Cancel" icon-class="k-icon k-i-cancel" group="bottom" click="onClick" />
        function onClick(e) {
            var actionsheet = $("#actionsheet").data("kendoActionSheet");

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