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Add or Remove Tiles

The Kendo UI TileLayout component supports the option to dynamically add and remove tiles.


This functionality is a custom implementation based on the splice JS array method and the setOptions TileLayout client-side method.

The example below demonstrates how you can enable users to remove a tile from the TileLayout by a clicking on its close button.

        $("#tilelayout").on("click", ".k-button", function (e) {
          var itemId = $(e.currentTarget).closest(".k-tilelayout-item").attr("id");
          var mainItems = tilelayout.items;
          var item = tilelayout.itemsMap[itemId];

          mainItems.splice(mainItems.indexOf(item), 1);
          item.colSpan = 1;


        function recreateSetup(mainItems) {
          for (var i = 0; i < mainItems.length; i++) {
            if (mainItems[i]) {
              mainItems[i].order = i;

          tilelayout.setOptions({ containers: mainItems });

For a full implementation of the Add/Remove functionality please refer to the official Add/Remove demo page.

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