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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the Splitter is always available.

For a complete example, refer to the demo on keyboard navigation of the Splitter.

The Splitter supports the following shortcuts:

Alt + W Focuses the first splitbar.
Left Arrow Moves the focused splitbar to the left—Horizontal splitter.
Right Arrow Moves the focused splitbar to the right—Horizontal splitter.
Up Arrow Moves the focused splitbar up—Vertical splitter.
Down Arrow Moves the focused splitbar down—Vertical splitter.
Ctrl + Left Arrow Collapses the left pane or expands the right one.
Ctrl + Right Arrow Collapses the right pane or expands the left one.
Ctrl + Down Arrow Collapses the upper pane or expands the lower one.
Ctrl + Up Arrow Collapses the lower pane or expands the upper one.
Enter Accepts the current position of the splitbar.
Esc Returns the splitbar to its initial position.

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