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TimeDurationPicker Shortcuts

The shortcuts configuration of the Kendo UI for ASP.NET Core TimeDurationPicker enables you to render custom button elements in the popup.

These buttons can hold time frame values. Upon clicking any of them, the value of the TimeDurationPicker will be updated with the value of the corresponding button. You have to specify the value of the shortcuts in milliseconds.

The following example showcases how to define a shortcut:

        .Columns(c =>
            c.Hours().Format("## hours ");
            c.Minutes().Format(" ## minutes ");
        .Shortcuts(s =>
            s.Add().Text("1h 30min").Value(5400000);
            s.Add().Text("2h 30min").Value(9000000);
            s.Add().Text("4 hours").Value(14400000);
<div class="k-d-flex k-justify-content-center" style="padding-top: 54px;">
    <div class="k-w-300">
        <kendo-timedurationpicker name="timedurationpicker" separator=":">
                <shortcut text="1h 30min" value="5400000"></shortcut>
                <shortcut text="2h 30min" value="9000000"></shortcut>
                <shortcut text="4 hours" value="14400000"></shortcut>
                <timedurationpicker-column name="hours" format="## hours "></timedurationpicker-column>
                <timedurationpicker-column name="minutes" format=" ## minutes"></timedurationpicker-column>

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