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Signature Form Integration

The Telerik UI Signature for ASP.NET Core allows you to integrate it inside a Telerik UI Form for ASP.NET Core. Furthermore, you can validate the Signature before the form is submitted.

To integrate the Signature inside a Telerik UI Form for ASP.NET Core component, add the Items.Editor configuration of the form field to Signature.

        .Items(items =>
                .Items(i =>
                        .Field(f => f.Signature)
                        .Label(l => l.Text("Signature:").Optional(true))
                        .Editor(e => e.Signature());

   <kendo-form name="exampleForm">
            <form-item type="group">
                <item-label text="Form" />
                    <form-item field="Signature">
                        <item-label text="Signature:" />

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