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Razor Page

This article describes how to configure the Telerik UI ImageEditor for ASP.NET Core in a RazorPage scenario.

The example below demonstrates how to configure the ImageEditor to forward the content to a proxyURL in a RazorPage scenario even if the browser supports saving files locally. See the implementation details in the example below, and for the full project with RazorPages examples, visit our GitHub repository.

    @inject Microsoft.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.IAntiforgery Xsrf

        .SaveAs(s => {
            s.ProxyURL(Url.Page("ImageEditorIndex", "Save"));

    @inject Microsoft.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.IAntiforgery Xsrf

    <kendo-imageeditor name="imageEditor" height="900" image-url="@Url.Content("~/image/2.jpg")">
        <save-as file-name="image.png" 

    public IActionResult OnPostSave(string contentType, string base64, string fileName)
        var fileContents = Convert.FromBase64String(base64);

        return File(fileContents, contentType, fileName);

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