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Selected Dates

The DatePicker allows you to render a pre-selected date and also define the minimum and maximum dates it displays.

For a complete example on how to select ranges using DatePicker, refer to the demo on range selection.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core includes the DateRangePicker component that can be used for selecting date ranges.

The following example demonstrates how to render a DatePicker with an initially selected date and defined min and max dates. The DatePicker sets the value only if the entered date is within the defined range and is valid.

        .Value(new DateTime(2019, 5, 15))
        .Min(new DateTime(2019, 5, 10))
        .Min(new DateTime(2019, 6, 18))
<kendo-datepicker name="datepicker"
                  value="new DateTime(2019, 5, 15)"
                  min="new DateTime(2019, 5, 15)"
                  max="new DateTime(2019,6,18)" />

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