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To make aggregates available on the client, configure them in the DataSourceAggregatesFactory. by using the ToDataSourceResult() extension method on the server, the results will be sent in the response object and can be used in group headers, footers or other client-side templates.

  • The Aggregates method sets the aggregates.
        .Ajax(dataSource => dataSource
            .Read(read => read.Action("Products_Read", "Home"))
            .Aggregates(aggregates =>
                aggregates.Add(product => product.UnitsInStock).Min().Max().Count();
                aggregates.Add(product => product.UnitsOnOrder).Average();
                aggregates.Add(product => product.ProductName).Count();
                aggregates.Add(product => product.UnitPrice).Sum();
    <kendo-datasource name="dataSource1" type="DataSourceTagHelperType.Ajax" page-size="10">
            <read url="@Url.Action("Products_Read", "Home")" />
            <aggregate field="UnitsInStock" aggregate="min,max,count" />
            <aggregate field="UnitsOnOrder" aggregate="average"/>
            <aggregate field="ProductName" aggregate="count"/>
            <aggregate field="UnitPrice" aggregate="sum"/>

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