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The TreeList component comes with built-in filtering that enables you to display only the rows that match specific search criteria.

Getting Started

To enable filtering in TreeList, use the Filterable property.

        .Filterable() // Enable the Menu filter mode.
    <kendo-treelist name="treelist">
        <filterable enabled="true"/> <!-- Enable the Menu filter mode.-->

Filter Modes

TreeList supports the Filter row filter mode. To set the row filter mode, use the Filterable->Mode property:

    .Filterable(ftb => ftb.Mode("row"))
    <kendo-treelist name="treelist">
        <filterable enabled="true" mode="row"/>

In this filter mode, the Kendo UI TreeList will analyze the underlying columns' data, and then it will render the following filters in the column headers:

  • Kendo UI TextBoxes for string values
  • Kendo UI NumericTextBoxes numeric values
  • Kendo UI DatePickers for dates

To see the filter row in action, visit the demo page.

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