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Drag and Drop Overview

The Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core FileManager provides inbuilt Drag and Drop functionality, which allows dragging and dropping files from the FileManager view(GridView, ListView) to the TreeView and vice versa. The functionality is enabled by default and it can be controlled by the Draggable option.

The following example demonstrates how to disable the Drag and Drop functionality of the FileManager:

        .UploadUrl("Upload", "FileManagerData")
        .DataSource(ds =>
            ds.Read(operation => operation
                .Action("Read", "FileManagerData")
            ds.Destroy(operation => operation
                .Action("Destroy", "FileManagerData")
            ds.Create(operation => operation
                .Action("Create", "FileManagerData")
            ds.Update(operation => operation
                .Action("Update", "FileManagerData")
    <kendo-filemanager name="filemanager" upload-url="@Url.Action("Upload", "FileManagerData")" draggable="false">
                <read url="@Url.Action("Read", "FileManagerData")" />
                <create url="@Url.Action("Destroy", "FileManagerData")" />
                <destroy url="@Url.Action("Create", "FileManagerData")" />
                <update url="@Url.Action("Update", "FileManagerData")" />

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