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Pie Charts

The Telerik UI Pie Chart HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core is a server-side wrapper for the Kendo UI Pie Chart widget.

Pie Charts display data as single-series sectors from a two-dimensional circle which is useful for rendering data as a part of the whole.

Getting Started

The Telerik UI Donut Chart HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core is a Pie Chart variation with the same ability to display a single data series in a two-dimensional circle and is likewise useful for displaying data as a part of the whole.

To create a Pie series in the Chart HtmlHelper, use Pie in the Series configuration.

Creating the Pie Chart

The following example demonstrates how to define a single series of type "pie". Additional series are not supported and each data point is an object that specifies the point value, category label, and other properties.

       .Title("Break-up of Spain Electricity Production for 2008")
       .Legend(legend => legend
       .SeriesColors(new string[] { "#03a9f4", "#ff9800", "#fad84a", "#4caf50" })
       .Series(series =>
           series.Pie(new dynamic[] {
           new {category="Hydro",value=22,color="#9de219"},
           new {category="Solar",value=2,color="#90cc38"},
           new {category="Nuclear",value=49,color="#068c35"},
           new {category="Wind",value=27,color="#006634"}})
           .Overlay(o => o.Gradient(ChartSeriesGradient.RoundedBevel));
       .Tooltip(tooltip => tooltip.
           Template("${ category } - ${ value }%").Visible(true)

A sample Pie Chart

Configuring the Effects Overlay

Each segment has a transparent effect overlay that adds depth to the two-dimensional shape. The overlay transparent gradient is configurable.

.Series(series =>
   series.Pie(new dynamic[] {})
   .Overlay(o => o.Gradient(ChartSeriesGradient.None));

The Pie Chart supports the following ChartSeriesGradient options:

  • (Default) RoundedBevel

    ![A Pie Chart with roundedBevel overlay](images/pie-chart.png)
  • SharpBevel

    ![A Pie Chart with sharpBevel overlay](images/chart-pie-overlay-sharpbevel.png)
  • None

    ![A Pie Chart with no overlay](images/chart-pie-overlay-none.png)

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