Tag Name Details
bottomnavigation-items BottomNavigationItemsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String Sets the name of the component.
as-child-component Boolean
border Boolean Toggles the border of the widget.
fill BottomNavigationFill Defines the fill of the component
deferred Boolean Suppress initialization script rendering. Note that this options should be used in conjunction with DeferredScripts method.
is-in-client-template Boolean When placing a Tag Helper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.
has-client-component Boolean
item-flow BottomNavigationItemFlow Defines the iteFLow of the component
on-select String Fires when the user selects an item in BottomNavigation.
position-mode BottomNavigationPositionMode Defines the position of the component
sanitize-id Boolean
shadow Boolean Toggles the shadow of the widget.
template String Sets a custom template for the items.
template-handler String Sets a custom template for the items.
template-id String Sets a custom template for the items.
template-view IHtmlContent Sets a custom template for the items.
theme-color BottomNavigationThemeColor Defines the theme color of the component
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