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Kendo UI Editor component


StyleSheets - List

ValueHandler - Func

ValueAction - Action

ExportAsSettings - EditorExportAsSettings

Defines the exported file name

ImportSettings - EditorImportSettings

Defines the handler of the Complete client-side event

Deserialization - EditorDeserializationSettings

Callback that allows custom deserialization to be plugged in. The method accepts string as the only parameter and is expected to return the modified content as string as well.

Domain - String

Encoded - Nullable

Immutables - EditorImmutablesSettings

Callback that allows custom deserialization of an immutable element. The callback accepts two arguments. The DOM element representing the immutable element in the html view and the immutable DOM element, which will be restored.

Messages - EditorMessagesSettings

The title of the Export As tool.

PasteCleanup - EditorPasteCleanupSettings

All HTML tags are stripped leaving only the text in the content.

Pdf - EditorPdfSettings

The author of the PDF document.

Placeholder - String

Resizable - EditorResizableSettings

If enabled, the editor renders a resize handle to allow users to resize it.

Serialization - EditorSerializationSettings

Define custom serialization for the editable content. The method accepts a single parameter as a string and is expected to return a string.

Tools - List

ImageBrowser - EditorImageBrowserSettings

Defines the allowed file extensions.

FileBrowser - EditorFileBrowserSettings

Defines the allowed file extensions.

Tag - String

Value - String

Events - IDictionary

Id - String

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

HtmlHelper - IHtmlHelper

ModelMetadataProvider - IModelMetadataProvider

Name - String

Explorer - ModelExplorer

Selector - String

IdPrefix - String

ViewContext - ViewContext

ValueProvider - IValueProvider

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

HtmlEncoder - HtmlEncoder



Serialize current instance to Dictionary



writer - System.IO.TextWriter


Renders the component.






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