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Background - String

Border - ChartYAxisLabelsBorderSettings

The color of the border. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

Color - String

Culture - String

DateFormats - ChartYAxisLabelsDateFormatsSettings

The format used when yAxis.baseUnit is set to "days".

Font - String

Format - String

Margin - ChartYAxisLabelsMarginSettings

The bottom margin of the labels.

Mirror - Nullable

Padding - ChartYAxisLabelsPaddingSettings

The bottom padding of the labels.

Rotation - ChartYAxisLabelsRotationSettings

The alignment of the rotated labels relative to the slot center. The supported values are "end" and "center". By default the closest end of the label will be aligned to the center. If set to "center", the center of the rotated label will be aligned instead.

Skip - Nullable

Step - Nullable

Template - String

TemplateId - String

TemplateHandler - String

Visible - Nullable

Visual - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

Position - Nullable

Chart - Chart

The common settings for all Chart series.



Serializes the settings to a Dictionary.

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