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Tag Name Details
criterias SpreadsheetSheetFilterSettingsColumnCriteriasTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
filter String The filter that will apply to this column.The supported filters are: value - Filters based on unique values.; custom - Applies custom filtering criteria.; top - Filters the top or bottom records. or dynamic - Filters based on dynamic criteria..
index Double The index of the column relative to the filter range.
logic String The logical operator that will apply to filter criteria.The supported values are: and or or.
type String The filter sub-type, if any.The applicable types according to the main filter are: toptopNumbertopPercentbottomNumberbottomPercent or dynamicaboveAveragebelowAveragetomorrowtodayyesterdaynextWeekthisWeeklastWeeknextMonththisMonthlastMonthnextQuarterthisQuarterlastQuarternextYearthisYearlastYearyearToDate.
value Double The filter values for filters that support multiple values.
values Nullable The filter values for filters that support multiple values.
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