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    <position />


Tag Name Details
popup-animation NotificationPopupAnimationSettingsTagHelper
position NotificationPositionSettingsTagHelper
templates NotificationTemplatesTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String Sets the name of the component.
allow-hide-after Double Indicates the period in milliseconds after which a notification can be dismissed (hidden) by the user.
append-to String Defines the element to which the notifications will be appended or prepended (depending on the stacking direction).
as-child-component Boolean
auto-hide-after Double Indicates the period in milliseconds after which a notification disappears automatically. Setting a zero value disables this behavior.
button Boolean Determines whether the notifications will include a hide button. This setting works with the built-in templates only.
has-client-component Boolean
height Double Defines the notifications' height. Numbers are treated as pixels.
hide-on-click Boolean Determines whether notifications can be hidden by clicking anywhere on their content.
deferred Boolean Suppress initialization script rendering. Note that this options should be used in conjunction with DeferredScripts method.
is-in-client-template Boolean When placing a Tag Helper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.
on-hide String Fires when a notification's hiding animation starts.
on-show String Fires when a notification's showing animation starts.
sanitize-id Boolean
stacking NotificationStackingSettings Determines the direction in which multiple notification will stack (arrange) with regard to the first one. Possible values are "up", "right", "down", "left" and "default". The "default" setting takes into consideration the applied position settings and is evaluated to "up" or "down".
title String Defines the title attribute value for the Notification wrapper.
width Double Defines the notifications' width. Numbers are treated as pixels.
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