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    <content />
    <mini />


Tag Name Details
content DrawerContentTagHelper
mini DrawerMiniSettingsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
name String Sets the name of the component.
as-child-component Boolean
is-in-client-template Boolean When placing a Tag Helper within a Kendo Template, set the type to text/html and add the is-in-client-template="true" attribute.
auto-collapse Boolean Specifies if the Drawer will be automatically collapsed when an item is clicked.
min-height Double Specifies the minimum height for the drawer in push mode. The overlay mode takes 100% of the page height.
mode String Determines how the Kendo UI Drawer will interact with the associated content. The default one (overlay) will simply overlap the associated content with overlay effect. On the other hand "push" mode will show the drawer next to associated cotent. The associated content will shrink its content.
navigatable Boolean If set to true the use could navigate the widget using the keyboard navigation. By default keyboard navigation is disabled.
deferred Boolean Suppress initialization script rendering. Note that this options should be used in conjunction with DeferredScripts method.
on-hide String Fired when the Kendo UI Drawer is about to be hidden. The event can be prevented by calling the preventDefault method of the event parameter.
on-item-click String Fires when user clicks on item from the Kendo UI Drawer.
on-show String Fires before the Kendo UI Drawer is revealed. The event can be prevented by calling the preventDefault method of the event parameter.
position String The position of the drawer. Can be left (default) or right.
swipe-to-open Boolean If set to false, swiping the associated content will not activate the drawer. In this case, the drawer will only be open by calling the show method. should be disabled for browsers, which use side swiping gestures for back/forward navigation, such as iOS Safari. Otherwise, users should swipe from an inner part of the view, and not from the view edge.
template String Specifies the drawer's content.
template-handler String Specifies the drawer's content.
template-id String Specifies the drawer's content.
template-view IHtmlContent Specifies the drawer's content.
width Double Defines a specific width for the Kendo UI Drawer when expanded.
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