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Tag Name Details
filters DataSourceNestedFiltersTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
field String The data item field to which the filter operator is applied.
logic String The logical operation to use when the filter.filters option is set.The supported values are: "and" or "or".
operator String The filter operator (comparison).The supported operators are: "eq" (equal to); "neq" (not equal to); "isnull" (is equal to null); "isnotnull" (is not equal to null); "lt" (less than); "lte" (less than or equal to); "gt" (greater than); "gte" (greater than or equal to); "startswith"; "endswith"; "contains"; "doesnotcontain"; "isempty" or "isnotempty". The last five are supported only for string fields.
operator-handler String The filter operator (comparison) function name.
value Object The value to which the field is compared. The value has to be of the same type as the field.
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