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    <line />
    <major-grid-lines />
    <major-ticks />
    <minor-grid-lines />
    <minor-ticks />


Tag Name Details
chart-axis-defaults-title ChartAxisDefaultsTitleSettingsTagHelper
crosshair ChartAxisDefaultsCrosshairSettingsTagHelper
labels ChartAxisDefaultsLabelsSettingsTagHelper
line ChartAxisDefaultsLineSettingsTagHelper
major-grid-lines ChartAxisDefaultsMajorGridLinesSettingsTagHelper
major-ticks ChartAxisDefaultsMajorTicksSettingsTagHelper
minor-grid-lines ChartAxisDefaultsMinorGridLinesSettingsTagHelper
minor-ticks ChartAxisDefaultsMinorTicksSettingsTagHelper
plot-bands ChartAxisDefaultsSettingsPlotBandsTagHelper


Attribute Type Description
background String The background color of the axis.
color String The color to apply to all axis elements. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.
narrow-range Boolean If set to true the chart will prevent the axis range from snapping to 0. Setting it to false will force the axis range to snap to 0.
pane String The name of the pane that the axis should be rendered in. The axis will be rendered in the first (default) pane if not set.
reverse Boolean If set to true the axis direction will be reversed. By default categories are listed from left to right and from bottom to top.
start-angle Double The angle (degrees) of the first category on the axis.Angles increase clockwise and zero is to the left. Negative values are acceptable.
visible Boolean If set to true the chart will display the axis. By default the axis is visible.
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