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Using Expressions Overview

This document provides a brief overview of all topics that we cover in the Using Expressions documentation section. With Telerik Reporting, you can use expressions to control multiple aspects of a report such as:

  • The content
  • The style and appearance
  • The behavior

The following approaches allow you to control these report aspects:

Use an expression as a value for an item’s property

You can use an expression as a value for an item’s property. This allows you to easily customize your report.

Embed expressions in a string literal

Another way to customize your report is to use Embedded Expressions so that you can blend text with expressions.

Bind an expression to a report item property

Telerik Reporting allows you to bind a report item’s property to an expression. Use this approach if the property that you are interested in doesn’t support expression values by default.

Use conditional formatting to apply various report styles

Design your reports so that different styles are applied based on the data in the report. This is possible when you use an expression instead of a static value for the style properties of a report item.

Use expressions as criteria for grouping, filtering, and sorting

You can write expressions and use them to group, filter, or sort data.

Combine values from multiple columns and use them as parameter values

You can use an expression to combine values from multiple columns and use the result as a value or a label for a parameter.

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