Test Recording

There are two ways to initiate recording. You can either launch a new browser instance with the recording toolbar attached, or you can attach the recording toolbar to an existing browser instance (or WPF application).

Launch New Recording Browser

  1. Click the Record button or press CTRL+R.


  2. Choose the recording browser.

If you enable Save my choice for the future, the Record button in Test Studio Standalone will display the icon for the default browser.

You can select a different recording browser later from the Record button drop-down.




Attach to Existing Instance

Click the drop-down arrow on the Record button to see a list of available browser instances or WPF applications. Select one to attach the recorder to that instance.


 Note: You cannot connect to an existing Silverlight Out-of-Browser application for Out-of-Browser tests.

Stop Recording

To end recording, simply close the IE window or WPF application that has the recording toolbar attached.

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