• Not all test steps play out directly inside the browser. Web pages can display popup dialog windows in the form of alerts, confirmations, and other browser instances. 
  • Test Studio allows you to track and respond to dialog windows and can handle HTML popups and Win32 dialogs.
  • An HTML popup is a new browser window that is detected automatically. Test Studio will prompt you to automate the popup.
  • A Win32 dialog is not a browser window, but a dialog displayed by the Windows operating system.
  • Test Studio typically inserts the appropriate handler into your test automatically when recording against a dialog. You can also insert a dialog handler manually, however.


Standalone version

VS plugin



Displays a message and a single "OK" button.




Displays a message and asks a question.






Enters username, password, and click "OK".








Asks whether to leave or stay on the current page.








Inputs the path of a file to be uploaded to the server. 


Indicate multiple files for upload using space-separated quoted file paths.



Saves a file hosted on the server locally to disk.