Device Cloud

Configure And Run A Test Project In Device Cloud

Test Studio Mobile has an integration with Testdruid cloud. It allows you to run your mobile tests on real devices in the cloud.

Mobile Studio projects and tests are supported by our partners at Testdroid cloud. In order to utilize their device cloud with mobile studio you have to create a test droid account . You can also check test Droid FAQ for more details.

  1. Log into your Testdroid account.

  2. Under the Project tab select Telerik Android or Telerik iOS depending on your testing project, name it, and click Add button. A new project is created.

    Create a project

  3. Select the created project and click the Add Add button button in the upper right corner to create a new test run.

    Create a new test run

  4. In the first step upload your instrumented testing application (the *.apk file for Android applications or the *.ipa file for iOS applications depending on your testing project).

    Upload the testing application

  5. In the second step upload the Test Studio Mobile project. Put all the files from your project (not the project folder itself) into a zip file. You should use only *. zip files.

    5.1. Type the name of аn existing test list in the Test list name field.

    Upload the testing project

  6. In the Select devices section you can create a group of devices which will be used for test execution. You can also select an already created one (if there are any).

    Create a device group

  7. You are ready to run your test. Click the Start button. (options from the last section are optional you can find more details in this article).

    Run the tests

Test Results

  1. Click on a project to see a history of complete runs.

    Test lists results

  2. Click on a test result to see the result details. The failed tests are displayed in red and the passed tests are displayed in green.

    Test results

  3. Click the Execution log button button to see the execution log of the test.

    The button appears only in the failed tests.

    Execution log