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Angular 2.0

Kendo UI for Angular 2

Kendo UI for Angular 2 is a new separate suite of native ng2 UI components.

The Kendo UI for Angular 2 Roadmap page provides information about the development plans of the team with regard to new components and features.

The Telerik blogs are an additional source for the latest updates on Kendo UI for Angular 2. For example, keep an eye on the posts of the Kendo UI Product Manager.

Kendo UI Professional

For the sake of distinction, Kendo UI Professional (subject of this documentation) may also be called Kendo UI for jQuery.

  • The Angular 2 integration, which was previously provided in this article, is no longer applicable. Telerik has decided to deliver a fresh, native Angular 2 implementation instead of wrapping the existing Kendo UI Professional library.
  • The community has come up with some examples on initializing the existing Kendo UI Professional widgets in Angular 2 context—this forum thread contains some of them.
  • Notice that this approach, while working in certain cases, is not supported by Telerik.

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