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RadGroupBox control is a group box control with advanced styling options. The primarily usage of this control is to hold a single radio buttons group. The control does not support scrolling which is however supported by RadPanel. The control never gets focus being a container for other controls which can get focus. 

You need to include Telerik.WinControls.UI namespace in your application.

Introduction To Styling

panels-and-labels-groupbox-overview 001

The most important RadGroupBox layout styling options include the following:

  • GroupBoxStyle - there are two defined styles: Standard and Office. The styles are defined in RadGroupBoxStyle enumeration.

  • HeaderAlignment - header alignment options are defined in HeaderAlignment enumeration: Near, Center, and Far.

  • HeaderPosition - header position options are defined in HeaderPosition enumeration: Top, Left, Bottom, and Right.

  • HeaderMargin - defines the header margin.

  • FooterVisibility - defines the footer visibility. Its default value is Collapsed.

The most important Header and Footer styling options include the following ones:

  • HeaderImage

  • FooterImage

  • HeaderImageAlignment

  • FooterImageAlignment

  • HeaderText

  • FooterText

  • HeaderTextAlignment

  • FooterTextAlignment

  • HeaderTextImageRelation

  • FooterTextImageRelation

Please refer to ImageAndTextLayoutPanel documentation section about further details of those properties.

All these properties can be set in Visual Style Builder. *Furthermore, the control can be customized on a very fine-grained level using the *Visual Style Builder to set any other property in the control hierarchy. Please refer to RadGroupBox TPF structure section for more details.